The ARCH UAM Global Challenge for Trendsetting Cities is an initiative on behalf of AV Living Lab and Nervtech. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting your application. By doing so, you accept these terms and conditions and agree to comply with them.

1 Participating in the Challenge

1.1 All applications received by the deadline for the Challenge will be assessed against the criteria located on the website by the Challenge’s jury.

Applications that do not meet the criteria of the Challenge will not be accepted. The jury will also not assess any Applications which will be late or not in English.

We are not responsible for applications that are lost, incomplete, damaged, or late due to technical difficulties on the applicants’ side.

1.2 Awards do not contain funding in any form. Winning cities receive:

– Digital twin of a part of their city (3D map of the city aerial landscape for UAM flight simulation purposes)

– UAM flight simulator for building the UAM Flight Simulation Hub, including on-site implementation, logistics and cargo insurance during delivery (DDP incoterms apply for the winning cities).

– hardware and software maintenance and support for the period of 6 months from the date of deployment in the winning cities.

– Public recognition in media, events and social networks.

– The right to use the ARCH UAM Global Challenge 2021 Winner graphics

– Official Certificate for being the pioneer UAM city

– Access to all studies and reports, related to ARCH UAM Global Challenge

1.3 One city may only apply once. If multiple applications will come from different departments within the same city, the jury might contact them separately, to clarify which application is the most preferable one.

1.4 Applications will be assessed by our jury against the criteria set on the ARCH UAM Global Challenge webpage. Our decision about eligibility, shortlisting and the invitation to the Challenge, including the validity of any claims and data submitted, is final.

1.5 The contact details you provide on the application to the challenge will be used for communication and collaboration purposes during the ARCH UAM Global Challenge. All the communication about our ARCH UAM Global Challenge must be in English. In case you do not respond to our email within 14 days, withdraw or are withdrawn from the ARCH UAM Global Challenge for any reasons, we may select another application, but are not obliged to do so.

1.6 We reserve the right to refuse an application or to make no further action if none of the applications meet our required standards. We may change the form or matter (substance) of the challenge (including deadlines, event dates, and a number of selected applications for each phase) as we deem appropriate in the given circumstances, to ensure the success of the ARCH UAM Global Challenge. We may also suspend or withdraw the ARCH UAM Global Challenge if funding is withdrawn or we judge that the ARCH UAM Global Challenge can no longer achieve its goals.

We reserve the right to remove you from the ARCH UAM Global Challenge if you do not comply with these terms and conditions if you cheat or behave in any way which is disruptive, inappropriate, or potentially dangerous, if you fail to participate fully or you cause damage to the reputation to AV Living Lab, Nervtech or our partners.

1.7 The application to this challenge is available to city and non-city entities, with city government endorsment. Non-city entities can be lead by academia, NGOs, accelerators/incubators, and public or private organisations.

2 Participation

2.1 To participate in the ARCH UAM Global Challenge you must

2.1.1 Fit the criteria and ensure the submitted information is true, accurate, and complete. We reserve the right to ask for additional evidence of your claims, to validate the given information as we see fit.

2.1.2 Have or will obtain all authorizations, consents, and permissions necessary to submit your application, carry out the proposal and comply but these terms and conditions

2.1.3 Ensure your applications will not infringe any intellectual property or third-party rights or breach any contractual obligation. We reserve the right to withdraw your application if we receive notice that it infringes any third-party rights

2.1.4 Act lawfully, ethically, and in good faith and comply with the rules of the ARCH UAM Global Challenge and relevant legislation

2.1.5 Comply with the instructions of the organizer while participating in the ARCH UAM Global Challenge.

3 Information

3.1. The intellectual property rights in your application to the challenge retain in your hands. We reserve the right to set up additional conditions. These include ensuring sufficient public benefit or complying with other legal or funder requirements.

3.2. For more information regarding usage of your personal information, given at the application, please see our Privacy Policy.

3.3. AV Living Lab, Nervtech, and other partners of the ARCH UAM Global Challenge may carry our publicity and promotion about the Challenge and publicly publish our research and evaluation in connection to the ARCH UAM Global Challenge. By applying to the Challenge, you agree and confirm that you agree to the usage of the name of your organization, the summary of your application and activities during and after the ARCH UAM Global Challenge for promotional purposes and project dissemination activities. The organizers may ask you for support in promotional activities concerning the Challenge.

Any public statements made by an applicant city should acknowledge the organizers and must be approved in advance.

4 Limitation of Liability

The ARCH UAM Global Challenge and its organizers do not take any liability for any direct or indirect loss, costs, claims, taxes, charges, or expenses which you and your company may have during the participation and connection for the ARCH UAM Global Challenge. Any materials or items submitted by you for the Challenge are at our own risk.

5 Growing law and jurisdiction

The terms and conditions are by the laws of Slovenia and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Slovenian courts.

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