ARCH Urban Air Mobility
Global Challenge

for Trendsetting Cities

ARCH UAM Global Challenge for Trendsetting Cities

Is your city ready
for the next mobility transformation?

Open call to find UAM trendsetting cities and host a VTOL Flight Simulation hub.

Offer your citizens an opportunity
to explore how flying in the future will look like – today.

Apply to the ARCH Challenge for a chance to host a UAM Flight Simulation hub with a simulation of your city!

We are looking for cities to partner with, host a UAM Flight Simulation hub, and establish a regional UAM CityLab (Ecosystem) for the benefit of mobility industry, the city, and society.

Selection criteria

Applicant cities will be accessed according to the following criteria which correlates to the questions in the application. Decisions will be made holistically by the Jury.

Criterion 1: How ready is your city for Urban Air Mobility era?

Criterion 2: Do you have the dedicated team and space to establish the UAM Flight Simulation hub?

Criterion 3: Have you already or are you willing to establish an UAM CityLab in your city/region?

Criterion 4: Your capacity to partner with and perform pilots/POCs to make UAM better for citizens.

Preparing cities for Urban Air Mobility era.

Become the first city with Urban Air Mobility hub.

Why your city should apply?

If your city is selected among three Challenge winners, you will:

Become the first city in the world with Urban Air Mobility Hub

Offer your city seamless, connected, integrated multimodality in your sustainable environments. Enable your citizens and experts a first hand experience of the future of flying within the city with UAM Flight Simulation hub, a proprietary VTOL Flight Simulation hub and evaluation tool designed and developed to speed up the process of UAM deployment.

Get the opportunity to shape the future

Get the opportunity to partner, co-desing and shape the future of Urban Air Mobility, both regionally and worldwide.



Applicant can be a city or municipal government (or similar entity).

UAM Flight Simulation hub

Advanced future-ready and proprietary VTOL simulator for cities, designed and developed to speed up Urban Air Mobility deployment.

Designed with a goal to provide an immersive and highly realistic UAM VTOL flying experience.

Visual module, virtual digital cockpit with adjustable and reconfigurable components, fully electric 4DOF motion system, biometrical and physiological sensors, and automated training and instruction process.

Belongs to the category of high fidelity Flight Training Devices (FTD) customized to provide unique operational and functional capabilities of VTOL aircraft.

ARCH UAM Simulator concept
ARCH UAM Simulator concept
ARCH UAM Simulator concept
ARCH UAM Simulator concept

Concept design. The exact design of the simulator will be revealed in Q3 2021.

Analysis of passengers comfort, noise, and stress levels

Customizable terrain, weather, and flying conditions.

Holistic evaluation of the flying experience, including lift off, flying and landing.


Challenge our jury

Vassilis 2.png

Vassilis Agouridas

Head of Public Co-Creation & Ecosystem Outreach
AIRBUS Urban Mobility

Leader of the UAM Initiative Cities Community (UIC2)
EU’s Smart Cities Marketplace

Cities, Policymaking and Legislation

Daniel Avdagič, AV Living Lab, Jury of ARCH UAM Challenge

Daniel Avdagic

Managing Director
AV Living Lab

Member of
Ljubljana’s City Council

User Centric Design and Multimodality, Interoperability, and MaaS development.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-23 at 08.12.43

Neri Friedlander

Innovation & Partnerships Manager
Daimler AG

Investments, Accelerators, Incubators and Startup Ecosystems

Linder Andrea IMG_7279fertsw

Andrea Linder

Marketing Manager
Digital Motors

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Candidate
Dissertation: Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Marketing, Market Research & Segmentation, Customer Behavior and Public Acceptance

Jennifer Raffin, Italdesign, Jury of ARCH UAM Challenge

Jennifer Raffin

Head of Strategy & Transformation

City Strategies and Visions


Matic Sopotnik

Senior Advisor Mobility
The City of Ljubljana

Transport masterplan, Mobility strategy, MaaS integration

Matej Vengust, Nervtech, Jury of ARCH UAM Challenge

Matej Vengust


Simulations, Digital Twins, data analysis and interpretation for implementation


AV Living Lab logo transparent

AV Living Lab

AV Living Lab is a technology startup, focusing on development, pilot testing and implementation of new technologies and business models in their real-life city lab environment.  They are also the organizer of the City as a Lab Summit, where leading brands share their new mobility innovation work. The company has successfully implemented multiple (more than 30) proof-of-concepts, including clients such as Google, Daimler, Toyota and Volkswagen Group.

Nervtech Ltd. logo


Nervtech is a high-tech R&D company specializing in vehicle simulator technologies in the fields of biometric and cognitive driver evaluation, deep machine learning, and data integration. Nervtech is an advanced tool for driver and operator training in variety of driving scenarios. It is also a tool for automatic evaluation of drivers’ performance and collection of physiological and biometrical big data through a set of external medical grade sensoring equipment, synchronized with the simulation software.

Supported by

City of Ljubljana

The City of Ljubljana is a member of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Initiative of the European’s Smart Cities Marketplace, also known as the UIC2 (UAM Initiative Cities Community).

How to apply?

Please, read Terms and Conditions and FAQs before applying.
Deadline: 15 April 2021, 23.59 CET

Media and Press kit


European companies AV Living Lab and Nervtech have launched together the ARCH Urban Air Mobility Global Challenge – the opportunity to nominate and become the world’s first UAM CityLab with flight simulation hub for testing and evaluating scenarios in the field of Urban Air Mobility.

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